Monday, April 28, 2003

WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE: Ever wonder how fantasy-epics like Tolkein's Lord of the Rings would fare in the hands of leftist deconstructionists like Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn? Wonder no more: here it is. A sneak preview:
Zinn: You've spoken to me before about Mordor's lack of access to the mineral wealth that the Dwarves control.

Chomsky: If we're going to get into the socio-economic reasons why certain structures develop in certain cultures… it's mainly geographical. We have Orcs in Mordor — trapped, with no mineral resources — hemmed in by the Ash Mountains, where the "free peoples" of Middle Earth can put a city, like Osgiliath, and effectively keep the border closed.

Zinn: Don't forget the Black Gate. The Black Gate, which, as Tolkien points out, was built by Gondor. And now we jump to the Orcs chopping down the trees in Isengard.

Chomsky: A terrible thing the Orcs do here, isn't it? They destroy nature. But again, what have we seen, time and time again?

Zinn: The Orcs have no resources. They're desperate.

Chomsky: Desperate people driven to do desperate things.

Zinn: Desperate to compete with the economic powerhouses of Rohan and Gondor.

Instapundit Glenn Reynolds (thanks for the link) hits the nail on the head: "I'm pretty sure this is a parody, but, really, how can you tell the difference?"

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