Tuesday, June 22, 2004


I have been, and remain, rather busy with preparing to move into a new house, finishing an intense summer term, and trying to complete half a dozen separate projects. Blogging is likely to continue to be sporadic at best for the short-term future (not that this really matters to anyone).

In the meantime, check out Doug Kern's cynical take on law schools and bar exams here. A snippet:
Many an affluent lawyer would sink into the doldrums of mere middle-class comfort if the public learned the dirtiest secret of all: any intelligent, educated adult with a little exposure to the practice of law can perform about 60-75% of the legal tasks that lawyers now charge a fortune to perform. Most menial legal tasks aren't even performed by lawyers -- they're farmed out to legal secretaries, paralegals, and interns, with the lawyer's name attached as an afterthought. I myself learned nearly everything I know about the practice of criminal law from watching court cases, reading old transcripts, and reviewing official filings -- not from law school, and certainly not from preparing for the bar exam. Anyone could learn about the law and its practice as I did. And perhaps more people should. But if capable citizens took charge of their own legal destinies, a great many Mercedes would go unbought as rich lawyers fell from grace with the bank. And so the bar exam hoax continues.
Any legal eagles out there care to comment?

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