Saturday, July 02, 2005


It has been a busy and hectic month. Much of it has been spent teaching two interesting and rewarding courses (and overseeing two interesting blogs in the process), one on North Korea and another on Invented Traditions and Urban Legends. Things should settle down a bit more now, except of course for the fact that I will leave for a short trip to Korea in a few days. If all goes well, I will blog about the trip with a bit more regularity than the last few weeks.

Movie recommendation for the day: Spellbound. Surprisingly captivating account of a bunch of misfits and their parents. The National Spelling Bee somehow becomes the embodiment of the American Dream. And it all works.

Went with my wife and kids to watch fireworks that were put on by one of the local churches. In an attempt to reach different, often younger demographics, this church has been known for its Harley-Davidson weekends and the like. It certainly put on a good fireworks show. Have to confess that there is something magical about crowds of people sitting in the dark and gazing at the startlingly beautiful streaks of light in the sky. Needless to say, my kids loved it. So did I.

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