Thursday, August 03, 2006


Saw in the headlines today that Tropical Storm "Chris" is weakening. Seeing that made me wonder how this year's Atlantic hurricane season compares to last year's. The short answer is: "quite favorably." By August 3 of 2005 Tropical Storm Harvey was forming in the Atlantic. That is a total of eight storms which included one category 1 (Cindy), one category 4 (Dennis), and one category 5 (Emily) hurricanes (see here for the complete rundown).

Of course we have far to go before the season is over but as of now, things look much better. What does this say about the Al Gore Global-Warming-will-produce-killer-storms-that-will-destroy-us-all theory? Little to nothing. Still, I'll take a mild month of storms over its alternative any day.

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