Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Some 50 members of 10 civic groups including the "Public Movement for SOFA Revision," the "Union Demanding the Return of US Bases," and "People's Committee for the Death of Teenage Girls" staged an anti-American demonstration Tuesday denouncing the visit of US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.

During the demonstration, family members of late schoolgirls originally scheduled to submit a remonstration letter to the US embassy, revoked their original plan due to the embassy's decision to dispatch a regular official to accept the letter, rather than a high-ranking one.

An "Anti-War" student group also held a meeting to discuss the current issue at Yonsei University in the morning, while some 30 members of the Political Cartoonists Organization and Korean Cartoon Union held a press conference at Dongsung-dong protesting the acquittal of two US soldiers involved in the accident, which killed two school girls.
Of course if we're talking about only 80 people, this hardly seems a harbinger of future developments.

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