Thursday, March 20, 2003

OBLIGATORY "MY THOUGHTS ON THE WAR" BLOG: Been watching the war off and on both on tv and via the internet. Part of me cheers for our troops: May they be swift and successful. Part of me gets excited when I hear about mass surrenders and defections: May the rumors be true and the war end even before it really starts. Part of me is frustrated with the inane coverage on tv; if you're going to pre-empt March Madness, do it because you actually have some news to convey not because you need to fill the time with journalists putting on gas masks. But most of me is simply sad; sad because chances are many people will die, many children will be rendered fatherless, many mothers childless, and I still can't quite figure out why. My sadness doesn’t mean that I support nonsense like the 'vomit-in' of protestors in San Francisco or the idiots who blocked traffic on the Key Bridge this morning. Those idiots have completely abandoned rational thought: other than demonstrate their anger and moral superiority to the rest of us unenlightened cretins, what actual good do such protests accomplish?

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