Friday, April 18, 2003

THIS COMES FROM WATCHING TOO MANY ACTION MOVIES: A man threw himself out of a courthouse window in Calvert County, MD.
After a Calvert County judge sentenced John A. Brock yesterday to five years in prison for beating his girlfriend, Brock was aghast. "Five years?" he said to the judge. "If you give me five years, I might as well throw myself out that window."

Which he did, headfirst through the glass.

Although Brock, 33, suffered cuts and several broken bones, he survived the 20-foot plunge from Courtroom 2 on the north side of the Calvert County Courthouse.

Of course in the movies, the heroes plunge through second-story glass windows all the time. After they land, they brush themselves off and continue running wherever it was they were going.

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