Wednesday, March 31, 2004

AN ADDITION TO THE LIST OF TRIVIAL THINGS THE MEDIA AND BLOGOSPHERE ARE FOCUSING ON IN THE BUSH -KERRY RACE: What's with the yellow flower on John Kerry's ski jacket? Naturally, the blogosphere is all over it. Why anyone would willingly subject themselves to this kind of 24/7 scrutiny is beyond me.

UPDATE: While I'm at it, I might as well link to Wonkette's coverage of Michael Jackson's visit to Capitol Hill.
The Gloved One returned to Capitol Hill for the second round of his character rehabilitation tour. Your Wonkette Field Producer had an eyewitness encounter as he boarded the 1st floor Rayburn elevator for his 4th floor meeting with Shelia Jackson-Lee.

Today, he's wearing black, crushed velvet pants and a red silk shirt with very ugly silver accents sewn on, and he's wearing a bit more swagger than the unsettled Gloved One of last evening. Not sure if he's feeling good about delivering his message of hope for the children or his percocet is just kicking in.
Your Wonkette Field Producer did not witness the melee that ensued when the Gloved One arrived on the 4th floor but according to broadcast and print reporters who your Field Producer knows and trusts, it was quite a donnybrook.

Yesterday's interns have been replaced and outnumberd by today's corps of Euro die hard Gloved One fans who travel the world looking "fur Michael because I love him and vant to marry heeeeem." A group of fans were quite literally were restrained by Capitol Hill's finest. One reporter was trying to talk to a group Israelis who admitted they flew to DC for the express purpose of seeing the Gloved One while he's in DC (Orville and Wilbur Wright, look at what ye wrought).

Many more cops on the floor today and a much more organized response. Lots of police brass. Reporters are grumbling about Shelia Jackson Lee's grandstanding. The corridors up there are far too narrow for a proper press conference in hall but that's exactly what she's insisting upon; right in front of the nameplate on her door. The media look horrified having to be pried into such a narrow space and they all look a little more embarassed than usual about their chosen profession.
Your tax dollars at work folks.

UPDATE II: The fun never ends. George Soros attacked with glue. How did the Bush-hating billionaire react to being covered with glue?
This is not just an incident. Someone stands behind this, Soros said.
That's so crazy it just might be true!

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