Tuesday, March 02, 2004

MEDIA BIAS? Wonkette wonders when she sees this photo of Richard Perle. One reader replies:
Reader J.N.W. has an excellent point: "That Perle photo is pretty poor evidence of a liberal media. . . . Really, that could well have been the most flattering photo they had."
I don't care too much for Perle, his particular brand of foreign policy recommendations, or the way in which he has pushed them. But I have noticed a number of times in both web and television media in which Perle is depicted in a less than flattering light. Is he simply a completely un-photogenic subject? Well, not exactly. Journalists looking for a simple, unobjectionable image of Washington's most famous neo-con might start at his AEI webpage. It took me all of ten seconds to find this and I can't imagine Perle or the AEI protesting if a journalist used it for their story. So, when I see pictures like the one Wonkette links to I have to conclude that the reporter is either biased or horribly lazy.

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