Tuesday, March 09, 2004

OK, MAYBE HE IS THE REAL DEAL. At the beginning of the NBA season, I expressed some doubts as to the worthiness of the 24/7 coverage of LeBron James. Among other things, I said the following:
I don't grudge this obviously talented kid his fame or his shoe contracts. Who wouldn't take the money and adulation in his place. I just wonder, though, why it doesn't seem to matter to anyone that Cleveland lost both games. Will the love last if the Cavs continue to stink?
Well, the Cavs aren't tearing up the league, but if the playoffs were to start today, Cleveland would squeak in at 8th in the East. Granted that this is in the pathetic East (the Cav's 28-36 record would have them fighting for 10th in the West) and granted that the Cavs have enjoyed the benefits of a healthy Zydrunas Ilgauskas and a surprisingly effective Carlos Boozer, but in the end, you have to hand it to the kid. He's taken his team to the playoffs (maybe), which is more than I can say of my beloved Utah Jazz.

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