Friday, March 19, 2004

The UNSC whose basic mission is to preserve international peace and security not only failed to check the U.S. aggression but allowed itself to be used in justifying the U.S.-pursued aim to completely disarm Iraq through inspection.

The UNSC is thus known to be incapable of doing anything against the arbitrary practice of the world's only superpower. The U.S. goal has become clear now when one year has passed since its start of the war of aggression against Iraq.

It seeks to seize with ease Iraq completely disarmed by the UNSC under the pretext of "eliminating WMD" and, furthermore, put under complete control the Mideast region which holds 65 percent of the world oil deposit.

What happened in Iraq teaches a serious lesson that if the UN and the international community allow the U.S. high-handed and arbitrary practices, the UN Charter, the foundation of international law, will become invalid and global peace and security are bound to be seriously disturbed and accepting unreasonable inspection aimed at disarmament will not help avert a war but lead to it.

It is necessary for the UN member states to seriously look back from an objective viewpoint on how the UNSC handled the Iraqi issue over the last 10-odd years.
Of course the Bush administration agrues that failure to invade Iraq would hurt the legitimacy of the UN Security Council because it would render so many previous resolutions not worth the paper they were written on. Subsequent events would seem to give more credence to P'yongyang's view on the matter than on Washington's. It is clear though, that North Korea is trying to pre-empt any sort of UN-led multiltaeral inspections regime. Clever!

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