Thursday, March 25, 2004

THE SONGUN POLICY STUDY GROUP. Browsing through the KCNA, I noticed a reference to one John Paul Cupp who is, apparently, Chairman the Songun Politics Study Group(USA). Not only that, he is a poet. Here's one of his latest:
A Poem for Comrade Kim Jong Il

Supreme Commander of the People's Army,
Red, the color of Blood.
Like Lenin did so long ago,
You lead the people free.

The gun before the hammer and sickle shall conquer tyranny.
Single-hearted unity.
Death defying pride
Your Father was a liberator of mankind
You are the greatest threat to our enemy,
your example to hold dear.

Dear Leader, just a simple man,
but a genius just the same.
Sun of Songun Marshal
Mt. Baekdu, your home.
Should a fascist clique,
try any aggressive tricks
We'll help you break their bones.
Robert Frost, eat your heart out.

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