Monday, April 26, 2004


When asked after the Dallas Mavericks impressive game 3 win over the Sacramento Kings whether he thought the Mavs won because they played well or because the Kings played poorly, Nelson responded that it was hard to tell, much like a thermos. "How do it know?" queried the ever eccentric Nelson. When you put something hot in it, it stays hot. When you put something cold in it, it stays cold. "How do it know?" This was, apparently, not the first time that Nelson used a cryptic thermos reference to answer a question from the press. A few weeks ago when asked about Steve Nash's season, Nellie replied:
"He's kind of like the thermos," Nelson said. "You put hot things in it, it stays hot. You put cold things in it, it stays cold."
This is probably just Nellie playing mind-games with a press that all too often asks the most inane questions. But who knows? Perhaps Nellie is presenting us with a koan for the NBA era.

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