Friday, April 23, 2004


My last foray into all things musical has garnered a few comments and some probably well-deserved criticism. I thought I'd follow that up with a list of bands whose popularity in 1980s-era South Korea was due primarily to the fact that they actually toured in Korea. If you weren't there, you may not have had the pleasure of experiencing:
Modern Talking. German Pop duo. Another German twosome, Joy, made waves with their hit single "Korean Girls (make me wonder)" but apparently have left no traces on the internet.

Boney M. Who could forget the scintillating beat of "Young, Free, and Single"?

Leif Garrett70s teen heartthrob, who was always trying to "Runaround Sue"

Iron Maiden. Who could forget . . . well, forget about it.

And though they're not foreign bands, thinking about this era forced me to remember such musical titans as


Chôn Yông-nok

Strange days!

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