Thursday, April 29, 2004


"IT's Korea!" Corsair the Rational Pirate responds with a resounding "NOT" (thanks to Budaechigae for the link). My only question is whether "ITs Korea!" will spawn a younger sibling to "Huby" and what it would be called: "ITty?"

The aforementioned Kimcheegi also has an interesting and useful post on the numbers of U.S. soldiers that are soon to descend on P'yongt'aek.

Cathartidae participates in the latest silly thing going around the blogosphere. "Grab the nearest book, turn to page 23, find the 5th sentence. Post the entire text of it, either here, or in your own blog. Add these instructions." OK, I'll take the bait:
"Nothing changed for several minutes, except that the torcheres blazed and cheers rang down from the deepning night sky"
No money but eternal admiration and adulation for the intredpid soul that can name the book from which that innocuous sentence came.

Flying Yangban sees something that OOP (Uri Party) and the one-hit wonder The Vapors have in common.

Speaking of the Uri Party, the Marmot notices a new fashion trend among party members (and it ain't pretty).

And, on a more serious matter, NK Zone reports on yesterday's North Korea Freedom Day.

Dinner's ready. More later (perhaps).

UPDATE: Lileks mis-typed Google and ended up with this. How close are you to your inner GOODLE?

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