Monday, May 31, 2004


Flying Yangban weighs in on candidate Kerry's pronouncements on negotiating with the DPRK.
Here's a news flash; once you start unilaterally dealing with the Norks on the nuclear issue, you might as well tell the Russians, Chinese, Japanese and South Koreans to pack their bags and go home.

The Marmot puts his two cents in here
Hey, John, if you're keeping the six-party talks going just to keep the Chinese and South Koreans happy, you needn't bother -- they'd love to see the U.S. shoulder the North Korea burden on its own.

Korea Life Blog finds aliens (or at least Raelians) in the oddest of places.

The Marmot (who has been noticed by OhMyNews) finds time to comment on stories about Western dogs in the late Choson period.

Before beginning what is hopefully only a brief period of lighter than usual blogging, NKZone has a very nice wrap up of news and links about North Korea.

Oranckay notices the latest in the never ending "Korea vs. Corea" battle.

Seeing Eye Blog passes along some "KBS-inspired safety tips"

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