Sunday, June 06, 2004


Ronald Reagan will naturally be the object of any number of laudatory eulogies over the next few days. I have little trouble with this because speaking well of the newly-departed is a long-standing American (human?) tradition. I don't think that anyone except for the most committed of followers really believes that praise and eulogy tell the whole story about the person. But just in case you really can't stand to hear the Gipper praised thus, AlterNet has helpfully re-published David Corn's "66 (Unflattering) Things about Ronald Reagan"

Thanks guys. I'm sure that if I searched through their archives, I would find a similar article, "33 not so nice things about Paul Wellstone" (to choose a fairly recently departed figure from the other side of the aisle).

UPDATE: Somehow I'm not surprised that Ted Rall responded to Reagan's death this way.
A real piece of work, Reagan ruined the federal budget, trashed education, alienated our friends and allies and made us a laughing stock around the world.

Hmmmm...sounds familiar.

Anyway, I'm sure he's turning crispy brown right about now.

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