Wednesday, June 30, 2004


The Associated Press ("N KOREA WANTS US AID WORTH 2 MLN KW TO FREEZE NUCLEAR OPS", 2004-06-30) reported that the DPRK is demanding that the US provide aid worth 2 million kilowatts before the DPRK freezes its nuclear program, the DPRK ambassador to Moscow said Wednesday. "Before North Korea starts freezing its nuclear program, the U.S. must provide our country with compensatory energy assistance in the amount equivalent to 2 million kilowatts, remove North Korea from the list of countries facilitating terrorism, and lift sanctions and the economic blockade from our country," the Interfax news agency quoted Ambassador Pak Ui Chun as saying. "The freeze will begin when the granting of compensation begins."
Here's a wild and crazy idea for the U.S. response:
"After careful consideration of North Korea's demands, the United States has determined that P'yongyang's requests are not nearly large enough. Therefore, the United States is willing to offer not only lifting economic sanctions and removing the DPRK from the list of state-sponsors of terrorism, but also the amount equivalent to 6 million kilowatts of energy. In addition, the U.S. is prepared to offer a combination of development loans, credits, and grants to the amount of $2 billion dollars to help repair and develop the economy of North Korea."
Could the Dear Leader refuse such an offer?

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