Thursday, June 10, 2004


James Lileks considers one facet of Flav-R-Ice I hadn't thought of before:
A group of my friends and I are quite addicted to Flav-R-Ice; to the point that we have affectionately coined them "crack-sickles."

My favorite has always been blue.

According to the ingredients, the blue tint is provided by a chemical named "Blue #1." Somehow, that's comforting. They got it right the first time. When you see "Red #6" you wonder what happened to the people who tested Reds 1 through 5, and whether there's a walled-off compound in the Nevada desert populated entirely by crimson-skinned telekinetic giants who must be constantly sedated lest they snap their chains and destroy the world.
I prefer Klondike Bars to Flav-R-Ice or Otter Pops any day.

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