Monday, August 30, 2004


So says the United Nations Environment Program.
"Increasing population growth and the existing mountain terrain along with the occurrence of natural disaster have exerted pressure on the existing natural resources and environment," the report said.

"The conflict between socio-economic progress and a path of truly sustainable development is likely to be further aggravated unless emerging issues can be settled in time."
While much of North Korea is forested, deforestation has progressed in past decades from timber production, increased consumption of firewood and wild fires, the report said.

"The degradation of forest resources in DPR Korea has emerged as the most urgent priority," the report said.
A growing population and scarce arable land had also pushed agricultural production into the hills, taking its toll on the forests, it said.

North Korea has relatively rich water resources, but faces increasing challenges in the supply and quality of water from pollution and large quantities of water used for power generation, the report said.

Growing air pollution was largely from the country's reliance on coal for power and heating and underscored the need for efficiency and better technology, it said.

Hmm ... I wonder if these folks will protest these new findings.

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