Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Those folks who pioneered the Nigerian e-mail scam and all of its descendants have to at least be given credit for ingenuity. Here's the latest.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am Rev.Father Barry Alexander 60 years old from the republic of Ireland. Presently, I am the catholic Archbishop of Queensbury diocesses in United Kingdom.

Ever since I became an Archbishop, i have been helping the Orphans in some of the charitable Homes across Europe. I have donated some money to a charitable Home in Spain, Sweden and here in Ireland with the little God has given me.

But it is sad to let you know that, i became ill recently from Cancer of the liver. Before i got ill, i had sent some money amounting to Four Million Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars ($4.2M) to a security and financial company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.The fund is safe. I have been using the company for over Ten years now. I am presently admitted in Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge for Medical treatment with little hope of survival. Please if you can stand as my Next of Kin to this Funds, kindly reply me with your Name: Address: Tel: Fax:

to enable me forward a letter of nominee on your behalf to the security company in Amsterdam where the Funds is presently kept for further distribution among the charitable Homes in your country as directed by me. As soon as i get your response, I will make you my next of Kin and furnish you with more details on how the Funds can be claimed by you physically from the financial company in Netherlands. Thereafter, i will also give you instruction on how the Funds will be distributed among some charitable Homes in your country.

In return, I will offer you 20% of the total sum ($4.2M), while extra 5% shall be set aside for all expenses incured by you during the process of claim.

My Lord has already revealed to me that, you would be trustworthy enough to carry out this soul surviving transaction.

May the Peace and Joy of the Lord abide in you.

His humble Servant,

Rev Fr. Barry Alexander

So the Lord has revealed to Father Alexander that I am worthy of his trust but didn't bother to reveal to the good father whether I am a "Sir" or a "Madam." Hmmmm . . .

NOTE to those who will inevitably send me an e-mail message after finding this post via Google: "Yes, this is a hoax."

Maybe the person who sent that is a graduate of the University of Nigeria.
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