Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Good post on partisanship and epistemology at Begging to Differ.
Politics junkies are a zealous bunch, rarely allowing our ignorance to stand in the way of a nice, strong opinion. We think our conclusions are firmly rooted in logic and good sense. Many of us think our policy preferences serve the interest of the common good. The smartest and most impressive people generally agree with us. Historical analogies suppport our positions. Late night talk show hosts know where we are coming from. Political candidates articulate our core beliefs while deftly (sometimes annoyingly) throwing winks and nods to the less educated and informed.

Our political opponents are misguided at best, often malevolent. Some of them are principled and friendly, but they are all missing some key piece of the puzzle that, were it in place, would surely bring them around to our way of thinking. Many of them desire power for its own sake. They distort the facts to suit their agenda. The dumbest and most dangerous people generally agree with them. History tends to prove them wrong. Late night talk show hosts mock them. Political candidates shamelessly pander to their basest motivations.

Most of us see things this way regardless of our own political persuasion. Republican or Democrat. Wingnut or moonbat.
All too true.

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