Monday, October 25, 2004


Kevin at BigHominid's Hairy Chasms provides this useful illustration

Kerry = Satan? Posted by Hello

He continues by noting that after reading my "Voting Against Kerry" posts, "your journey toward the dark side will be complete."

This slanderous calumny demands a response. I do not believe that John Kerry is Satan incarnate. Rather, I believe that he is the spawn of Satan, a product of generations of breeding humans and demons conducted by the Skull and Bones Club.

Seriously, I do not believe that the election of Kerry will mean the end of the Republic, let alone the end of the world. There are actually some upsides to a Kerry presidency, not least the fact that it will allow for a fresh start on frayed relations between the U.S. and many other nations in the world. Having said that, I have concluded in my own mind and heart that the hope of a fresh start abroad is not enough to counterbalance what I see as Kerry's other shortcomings. Many other Americans obviously disagree. Such is life in a democracy, the worst form of government devised by man, with the exception of all the others.


I wonder how many of my (and your) readers realize that Landover Baptist's depiction of the Kerry-Satan (actually Tim Curry as Darkness from the movie "Legend," starring Tom Cruise) is supposed to be a satire of Kerry-hatred, and not just another Photoshopped anti-Kerry pic.

Keepin' 'em guessing,

Ah, Tim Curry. Well at least one can't say he isn't versatile. From Frank-N-Furter to the Lord of Darkness to the voice of God. I suppose his low point was in this film, which, due to my daughter, I have to confess I've actually seen.
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