Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I had half a mind to live-blog my reactions but so far there have been so many repeated and recycled lines, so many cases in which the candidate doesn't answer the question (I don't Kerry even mentioned the word "flu" or "shot" in his answer to the question about flu shots), so many empty promises, that I just don't have the energy for it. Maybe more later.

UPDATE: 30 minutes or so later, I am bored and tuned out. Other live blogs seem to agree:
Vodkapunidt: "This debate sucks"

Althouse: "I really doubt if many people would stick around to watch this."

Instapundit: "IT'S GOING TO BE HARD TO SCORE THIS DEBATE, because both so far have turned in much worse performances than last time."

Nick Gillespie: "They're both losing."

UPDATE II: Maybe I'm burned out because of a day of jury duty; whatever the case, I'm sick of this. I think I'll watch the Boston-New York game or go to bed.

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