Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Joongang Ilbo ("NORTH KOREAN MAIDS BARRED BY BEIJING ", 2004-10-05)reported that the PRC government has recently ordered officials in the Communist Party, the central government and the military not to employ female DPRK defectors as housemaids, Ming Pao, a Hong Kong newspaper, reported yesterday, "The Communist Party sent an internal document that stated it has ordered on numerous occasions that housemaids from North Korea not be hired, and if already hired, then they must be fired immediately," the paper said. The PRC government is worried that national secrets will be leaked if DPRK housemaids are employed in major government bodies.
This raises the question: how many North Korean maids have been hired in the past so as to warrant warning on "numerous occasions"? Also, are North Korean women particularly dangerous? More than Thai, Filipina, or Russian? Can North Korean men safely serve as servants?

I suspect this more to protect the government officials from the northern ladies. You know how it is with Dad when a good looking young maid comes into the house--calling Dr Phil!
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