Sunday, October 10, 2004


of attempting to tear down the campaign sign a candidate you don't like and, upon failing to tear it down, urinating on it (details here via Ramblings' Journal; video footage here)? I don't think this is necessarily a partisan issue (anyone who has knowledge of similar shenanigans carried out by anti-Kerry people, let me know and I'll post those too); it is a respect for others and respect for the democratic process issue. I hope those jokers get busted.

In the past year I have had my car keyed, bumper stickers removed from my car and replastered on my windshield, and lengthy notes left on my window as a result of my 'un-American' political views. Apparently supporting Howard Dean during the 2004 Democratic primary was 'un-American.'

I do know that Republican congressman Pete Sessions was caught stealing signs from his opponent(Congressman Martin Frost) during his 2002 campaign.
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