Tuesday, October 12, 2004


If you have been troubled by this burning question, worry no longer.

Here's one of my favorites (from Joyce Carol Oates)
Like virtually everyone I know, I'm voting for Kerry. And probably for exactly the same reasons. To enumerate these reasons, to repeat yet another time the fundamental litany of liberal principles that need to be reclaimed and revitalized, seems to be redundant and unnecessary.
Like everyone you know? Joyce, you need to get out more.

Here's another from unknown to me Lorrie Moore:
Are there really any novelists voting for Bush?
Well, if the Slate collection is representative, not many. And the few that claim to prefer Bush invariably do so for national security/War on Terror reasons.

And here's a breath of fresh air from Jim Lewis:
I'm not convinced that the political opinions of a novelist are any more significant than anyone else's ...

RE: your earlier post about John Kerry's "burden of proof."

It would be a highly presumtuous thing for John Kerry to "prove" that he could bring the bigger European nations of Germany and France closer to our side in Iraq. Doing so would require Kerry to publicly lobby this issue, and for the countries concerned to publicly agree. Besides the arrogance involved in this (matched only by Bush's arrogance towards Europe in the runup to the Iraq war), it would also be incredibly stupid for any European government to publicly endorse a Presidential candidate. It's just bad diplomacy, and you can't be certain about who will win.

That being said, Kerry's "burden of proof" shows signs of being relieved. In an article called "Germany in rethink on Iraq force deployment" from the Financial Times, the same newspaper that some weeks ago exaggerated a story about France and Germany's steadfast non-commitment to Iraq, we learn that Germany is, in fact, willing to concede that Kerry's plan for an international conference on Iraq "is a very sensible proposal."

German Defence Minister Peter Struck also said the following:

“At present I rule out the deployment of German troops in Iraq. In general, however, there is no one who can predict developments in Iraq in such a way that he could make a such a binding statement [about the future].”If that's not diplo-speak, then what is?

Matt from METANOIAC!
Sorry, I forgot the link to that article from FT.

Germany in rethink on Iraq force deploymentMatt from METANOIAC!
Ah, intellectual navel-gazing. Good on Jim Lewis for recognizing it for what it is.
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