Monday, November 08, 2004


This virulently anti-American (and profanity-ridden) video claims to be a North Korean product. I have my doubts. The original cartoons may have originated in the DPRK, but the style of the subsequent song, the issues raised in it (do North Koreans really care that much about the ROK being robbed of a Olympic gold medal?), and the issues not raised in it (no talk of the Great Leader, Dear Leader, juche, songun, etc.) all lead me to the conclusion that this is actually either a South Korean or a Japanse-Korean production. The fact that some can't tell the difference may be telling and interesting in its own right (thanks to INDC journal for the link).

I don't know who made the video, but the song was written by a South Korean performer (Yoon Min-suk).
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