Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Doing so may get you either disciplined or fired.
Dennis Lee Stalheim, a security guard at Portland's Greyhound Bus Terminal, chased down a man who robbed a ticket counter cashier Sunday and held the suspect until police arrived.

Stalheim thought he was doing what was expected of him. Portland police commended his courage.

But Stalheim's employer threatened to suspend or fire him because he left his post.

"They just said I messed up and I might lose my job over it," Stalheim said.
It seems that Stalheim violated company policy:
Stalheim said he has reread the company policy manual. It does require guards to remain on the site and call 9-1-1.
I can't say that knowing that this is the written policy of a security company makes me feel more secure. (hat tip to Let's Fly Under the Bridge for the link though I can't say that I understand the significance of the fact that Oregon voted for Kerry in this particular story).

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