Thursday, November 04, 2004


Check out this chart of the average IQ's of states who voted for Kerry vs. those who voted for Bush in the election. Interesting, if one assumes that IQ really means anything. So the problem is not merely the people, it is the stupid people. What a lovely democratic, egalitarian sentiment. Luckily for me, I live in the smartest of the red states.

UPDATE: An alert reader points to the fact that Bill Well, apparently the person who posted the chart in the first place, has apologized:
As this has gotten a bit out of hand, I feel, and the editors feel, that I should take responsibility for posting this thing and clarify my reasons and intents about using what is clearly suspect data in the first place.

It was irresponsible of me to post this chart in this format and I apologize to the American Assembler and it's readers for having done so. It was never my intent for anyone to take this seriously and I erred in judgment in not realizing that people would. Even if this chart is not a hoax, as it most probably is, it was inappropriate to post it for it is simply offensive.

I have to say that I did not invent this chart. It's been floating around for years. All I did was dress it up a bit. But I regret posting it and I regret the fallacious distraction it's caused from the real issues presented on this site. And yes, I even apologize to Republicans for implying they are stupid. Some people around here still think there's hope for you all.

Interesting chart. Don't you have a lot of connections to Utah and Idaho, though? (As an Idaho resident with Utah roots, I'm not surprised that neither one scored very high.)
I knew this would happen. Since the Democrats/liberals can't acknowledge their failure to convince the rest of the country that Bush is the AntiChrist, they blame everyone else. Typical elitist liberal snobbery, I think.

If Bush was as bad as they said he was and they failed to get their candidate elected, the Democrats are the sorriest political party on the planet.
You know, as much as I like to bust on Utah, the fact that it's next to last on the IQ list doesn't make sense to me--particularly considering the unusually high percentage of Utah's adult voting population that holds college or postgraduate degrees.

Is that a rat I smell?
ah yes, that was a good one. i also liked this, a would-be worldwide breakdown of the election results.
Yes I do have many Utah and Idaho connections. I have clue what the source of this "data" is or whether it is in any way accurate. More significantly, I do not believe that IQ is a meaningful evaluation of "intelligence" (whatever that is).
Bill Well of the American Assembler has posted a note apologizing for putting up this chart, stating that it was intended to be parodic, but has apparently become divisive and hurtful.
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