Friday, November 05, 2004


of red states vs. blue states and red countries vs. blue countries abound. Here's an amusing twist:

Divided North America? Posted by Hello

Just in case anyone might misinterpret the above as an indication of a belief that those who voted for Kerry are un-American or un-patriotic (or whatever), let me in no uncertain terms avow that I do NOT believe this. The map below is a much better indicator of the reality: Americans across the country voted for their preferred candidate alongside other Americans who preferred the other guy. Nothing could be more American.

closer to the reality Posted by Hello

UPDATE: Perhaps this map will better convey they point I was trying to make with the above map. The winner take all system we have obscures the fact that there are many blue staters in red states and vice versa.

Purple states Posted by Hello

There's another good map out there. Click hereMatt from METANOIAC!
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