Monday, November 29, 2004


As any North Korea-watcher well knows, the DPRK has generally been less than cooperative with most NGOs and humanitarian aid organizations who have sought to monitor the delivery of their assistance to ensure that it reaches the intended audience. With this in mind, the Eugene Bell Foundation announces some good news:
This delegation found that EugeneBell's system for delivering supplies has finally won wide acceptance within North Korea's medical establishment. The "EB System," also includes regular site visits by Korean-speaking monitors to each enrolled institution, an equipment maintenance and repair program, and periodic reports on equipment and medication usage by local care-givers.

This fall, the delegation was able to make all the necessary site visits, confirmed that almost 100% of all donations reached their proper destinations, repaired all broken equipment at the institutions visited, and collected essential data from local healthcare givers. "We now have a proven capacity to deliver individualized 'packages' of assistance to any enrolled medial facility and to make the follow-up visits needed to insure that the 'system' continues to run smoothly and transparently," said Linton. "An efficient, effective and transparent delivery system is essential if medical assistance is to advance beyond basic medicines," he added.

"This exciting new breakthrough, the fruit of several years of serious effort, has come in the middle of a standoff over North Korea' nuclear program,"Linton noted. "This suggests that EugeneBell has now reached a point where its work need not be held hostage to diplomatic tensions. Clearly, now is the time to begin providing real help to local hospitals."

Keep up the good work!

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