Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Check out the contrast between these two pieces (both accessed via NAPSNET)

Agence France Presse ("NORTH KOREA ACCUSES SOUTH KOREA OF BORDER PROVOCATION", 2004-11-16) reported that the DPRK accused the ROK Tuesday of introducing an armored car close to their border to support a possible US pre-emptive strike against the DPRK. The vehicle was brought Tuesday up to a guard post near a border marker in the western section of the inter-Korean buffer zone, according to the DPRK's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

Apparently the same time the ROK was preparing for a preemptive war on the DPRK, it was also doing this:
Yonhap ("S. KOREAN SHIP CARRYING ADDITIONAL FERTILIZER AID LEAVES FOR N.K.", 2004-11-16) reported that a ROK freighter carrying the first shipment of the ROK's additional fertilizer aid to the DPRK departed on Tuesday night for the DPRK's Nampo port, officials at the ROK Red Cross said. "The 5,000-ton-class Sun Hope freighter left for North Korea's Nampo port, carrying 5,000 tons of fertilizer," a Red Cross official said. "The vessel is scheduled to arrive in the North on Thursday morning."
No comment from P'yongyang on how the ROK freighter constitutes a preemptive humanitarian offensive on the land of Chuch'e.

Apparently we're not capitulating fast enough for the norks...
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