Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Dan Drezner has some conflicted thoughts after having viewed the trailer to Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith.
It's tempting, so tempting to plan on seeing the movie on the big screen. It reminds me of the last time I was excited about a sci-fi trailer -- oh, right, that was Episode I.

This is going to be vexing me until May.

Damn George Lucas and his beguiling trailers!! [Calm down! Trust your feelings! And rise--ed. Yes.... master.]

I actually have such low expectations for the film that I will probably be pleasantly surprised when I see it.

I don't expect much of it. Why?

Well, yes, the visuals are nifty-keen, but consider the dialogue in the trailer. It relies heavily on Alec Guinness' great voice and the well-known exposition from the original Star Wars--the one we all love. Almost nothing *verbal* comes from the new movie. That tells me it's going to have the same problems the last two have had--great visuals and horrible dialogue.
The "episodes" are definitely the biggest disappointments in the history of movies. The dialogue in 2 was simply painful.

Don't be surprised if #3 somehow manages to drop even further below your already low expectations.
I felt the same thing about the extensive use of Alec Guiness in the trailer. Are there no memorable lines from Episode III itself? Well, if Episode II is any indication, the answer is probably "no." Still, I'll probably watch the movie for the special effects.
The first three movies, Episodes I, II and III are a terrible, botched abortion--bleeding out the quaility of the good movies (4 5 and 6)
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