Wednesday, December 15, 2004


According to Rich Lowry, I live within the borders of the "real" (red-state) Virginia (but just barely):
Kathryn, I'm afraid I'm only very technically from a red state. Northern Virginia is not real Virginia. I think you have to be Fredericksburg or south for that. I But I appreciate the thought!
Having lived in both Northern Virginia and Fredericksburg, I can say that there certainly is a different feel to the two places. But I can't quite figure out how one is more "real" than the other.

I agree that northern VA isn't "real" Virginia. As someone who, when not out of the country, has lived his entire life in Alexandria, VA, I think NoVA is too DC-inflected, culturally speaking, to be like the rest of our commonwealth. Drive an hour in any direction away from DC (into MD or VA), and it's a different world. Accents and politics (and ethnic demographics!) all change.

By the way, do you work in the same building as Dr. Kim-Renaud? She was my Korean professor back in the late 80s/early 90s, back when I was a Georgetown French major and GU didn't have its own Korean program. I had to take my Korean classes at GW as a result, and did four semesters there. The rumors are true: GU girls are smarter, but GW girls are hotter.

I've kept in occasional touch with Dr. K-R, and she knows my mother fairly well, but I don't know what Dr. K-R would think of my blog. Heh.

Anyway, thanks for a little slice of home in your post.

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