Monday, December 20, 2004


As part of a very ambitious series, Michelle Catalano waxes rhapsodic about the Dire Straits classic "Sultans of Swing." While I think that Brothers in Arms is far and away the best Dire Straits album (not for the famous "Money for Nothing" single but for "Ride Across the River," "The Man's Too Strong," and the title track) "Sultans of Swing" is probably the best Dire Straits tune ever.

Michelle wonders whether anyone else went skitching. I did a few times when I was younger and slightly more stupid than I am today. We called it "hooky-bobbing" or some such meaningless phrase. We had our first snow last night. Lots of ice on the streets. But no hooky-bobbing for me. Got work to do.

*You* went... whatever you want to call it? While you were still at home? (I would not have thought you so... reckless? Testosterone-laden? I don't know - Justin is pushing my freak-out-Mom limits when he gets with his friends, esp. on campouts... Is it a boy thing?)

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