Tuesday, January 04, 2005


But was he ever in a great film? Posted by Hello

Remember that parlor game "six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon"? I must confess I have spent an hour or two thinking up the names of actors and trying to make the connection with the ubiquitous Bacon. In many cases, it would take me three or four (or more) connections. Well, the Oracle of Bacon at Virginia clearly demonstrates that I do not know my movies very well. I have tried a few dozen names and the farthest degree of separation I can come up with is three (Gong Li). If anyone can do better, I'd love to hear about it.

While your at it, submit your proposal for the best Kevin Bacon film ever. This might be harder than finding someone who is separated from Bacon by 4+ degrees.

I accidentally found actor Hung Sai - who has a Bacon rating of 4. I have no idea who he is though, and the IMDB only lists one credit for him.
I've come to the conclusion that the other great connector in the movie business was Eli Wallach. That man's been in damn near everything and he's had a long career, connecting a lot of the old silent movie actors to The Bacon.
OK - I want you to take a picture of yourself with similar lighting, in the same pose as the one you posted of Bacon. At times, you two can look uncannily alike! (Does Kathy think so? or is it just me?)

First of all, that's a hot picture. Second, his best movie is A Few Good Men, hands down. Although Footloose is a close second. Hail the Bacon.
Teruko Uraji
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