Friday, January 28, 2005


I'll be sure to tray a deep-fried Mars Bar. Thanks (?) to Marginal Revolution for noticing this phenomenon.
Like the Loch Ness monster, the deep-fried Mars bar has often been regarded as a Scottish myth.

But a study published Friday in a medical journal confirms that Scots consume thousands of the battered bars each week, and that more than a fifth of fish and chip shops — which specialize in deep-fried food — sell the strange sugary delicacy.
Children are the main consumers and some shops reported being asked to deep-fry other candy bars, including Snickers and Cadbury's Creme Eggs.

I've heard - only partially in jest - digs at the Scots for deep-frying *everything* - pickles, pizza, candybars, etc... Haggis is not deep-fried apparently, which is maybe unfortunate, because that might make it more palatable. :-)

Dr. Larsen:

At the Greenbelt Labor Day festival last year, they sold deep-fried oreos. I wanted to try one but the fryer died on the second day.

For the ultimate in the deep-fried food experience, one needs to go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Among the amazing finds at this year's festival: deep-fried cheesecake, deep-fried pickles, and - the piece de resistance: deep-fried macaroni and cheese on a stick. MMM! MMM! That's good eatin'!
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