Friday, February 25, 2005


The Ward Churchill saga is the gift that keeps on giving. University Diaries is on the case (see here and here). Note to Ward: if you manage to secure a tenured faculty position even though your Master's degree is from a somewhat sketchy interdisciplinary program that apparently may not have even required an MA thesis, don't attract undue attention to yourself with "little Eichmanns" speeches and the like. Especially if you are also into copying others' artwork and passing it off as your own. Some folks just can't leave well enough alone.

Churchill apparently sees life as being all about getting what he wants, without regard for truth or other people's feelings. He doesn't see the need to measure himself by anyone else's standards, though he has been quick to judge people with whom he disagrees...

I really feel sorry for the lout; he could have had a very good life if he had chosen to walk between the lines...
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