Thursday, March 31, 2005


a parody? No, it appears to be the real deal (with photos and video clips to boot). Like the immortal Corey Hart, Churchill wears his sunglasses at night (or at least indoors).

I've always wondered whether it is ok to steal books at an anarchist book fair.

Wait, that can't be right. I thought the proper way to hold an anarchist book fair was to gather up a whole legion of black-clad punks and send them swarming through the streets, shying hardcovers and paperbacks through plate-glass windows.
Is it okay for an anarchist to plan anything that requires leaders and followers? Or is that a mark of conformity??

Frankly, I always thought the modern, so-called "anarchists" were too d****d choosy about which laws to protest and which to obey... not like the old Sacco-Vanzetti days, eh? (

Not too many willing to blow themselves to Perdition to prove they don't like Bush-Cheney. Not that I'm complaining--nothing more selfish tham leaving dead bodies around for the oppressed workers to clean up...

But all they're apparently willing to do now is go unwashed, wear pirate hats, carry crudely-built signs with inane and patently false profanities, and stink up a BART Station...
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