Tuesday, April 05, 2005


should be evident to everyone. Still, this summary of The Lord of the Rings is quite entertaining. This account has, apparently, snared at least one unwary reporter for the London Sunday Times. I looked up the article on Factiva just to make sure the reference wasn't a hoax as well. It appears to be the real thing. (h/t to Somewhere That's Green)

Absolutely breathtaking - it's full of actual details from the books, but so twisted it defies comprehension how someone came up with this, it's as if it were a real description of an alternate-universe version of LOTR. Sam and Ungoliant have a tense argument about the nature of good and evil?
Compare this to the "Laura K. Krishna" plagiarism snare....

Revenge of the Nerds indeed.
Floating down the river in barrels? Nice.

This remains my favorite "synopsis" though.

It's good to be able to enjoy a good parody...

BTW, I've no interest in registering with the Miami Herald; what was the parody Jeff likes?
If you don't want to register, swing by www.bugmenot.com to pick up a free username and password to access the site. I love Bug Me Not, and if there had been such a site five years ago I imagine three-quarters of the spam I now get would be nonexistent.
Yep, sorry I forgot about the FRRYYY (free reg required yada yada yada).

I found mirrors of the article here (scroll down several posts) and here (hard to read - what are people thinking when they pick font colors like that?).

Then, there's always this.

Ok, I'll stop now...
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