Friday, May 06, 2005


But since i-tunes doesn’t carry them (and since I’ve gone legal—no ill-gotten fruits of the old-version Napster on my hard drive) and I can’t (or won’t) buy the entire album:

Going to California—Led Zeppelin (can anyone tell me why this song isn’t on Led Zep’s remasters 2-disc set)?

Over the Hills and Far Away—Led Zeppelin (see above)

Let Me Go—Heaven 17 (British 80s synthpop/dance tune)

Lorainne’s My Nurse—Blancmange (quirky tune by another British synth-pop has-been)

In Exile—Dream Academy (I have this on cassette only :-( )

Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding—Elton John (too long for i-tunes to carry as a single)

When I Need You—Leo Sayer (talk about a song that takes me back)

Just When I Needed You Most—Randy Vanwarmer (see “When I Need You)

Julia—Eurythmics (from their ill-fated soundtrack to the movie 1984)

Julia—The Beatles (while I’m at it).

I can burn you a copy of the Elton John LP on which that song is featured! I can give it to Terrance to give to you.
You should try the RealPlayer music store, And Napster is legal now.
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