Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Are you what you speak? According to this test I am 40% (barely) Yankee. Probably about right. Thanks to Brandon at GWUL for the link.


I am 49% Yankee, weird, I thought I would be more.

I am 48% Yankee. Also thought I would be more. Where do we come up with other (Southern) dialect from? It makes more sense that you are 'slipping' given your current geographic location for the past few years - but I haven't lived anywhere close to South since I was 3! Interesting quiz. (Do you know where "Y'uns" or "Y'inns" hails from?)

I was pretty far into the Yankee column at about 36% Dixie. I have never lived in the South and many southern terms were almost completely unkown to me. However, I did once come across the scary concept of the "Brew-Thru in North Carolina.

"Y'inns" comes from the Pittsburg area, I saw it on a PBS special called "Do you speak American?"
I came up 40% Yankee also, because the scoring is flawed. Most answers actually registered as upper Midwest, which is true and not Yankee.

One question is in fact incorrect. I use both frosting and icing, being as I am the husband of a professionally trained cake decorator and thus aware that the words identify two different substances.
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