Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Many Republicans probably voted for George Bush dozens, if not hundreds, of times in 2004, according to Democrat party Chairman Howard Dean, "by taking advantage of the fact that Democrat poll workers have difficulty distinguishing individuals from among a crowd of white Christians."

"Thanks to their pale skin, round eyes and khaki trousers, Republicans just blend in," said Mr. Dean. "So they vote, get in the back of the line and vote again. And because they've never made an honest living in their lives, they could do that all day long."
But would many have been honestly surprised if Dean had actually said the above? (thanks to Scrappleface for the humor).

The following explanation/excuse rings true as well (although in an equal-opportunity way; replace DNC with RNC and it sounds just as good):
A spokesman for the DNC later clarified the comments, noting that, "Chairman Dean intended his offensive remarks to be heard only by party loyalists, not the general public."

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