Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Or has the KCNA carried a significantly higher number of stories of the "floral baskets from Zimbabwe" and "greetings to the president of the Maldives" variety of late? I wonder what, if anything, to make of this.

Robert Mugabe was trained in economics by the same team that runs North Korea and so were many other leaders of small Asian and African nations.

Mugabe, the former terrorist leader trained in Pyongyang, has stated (at least according to those who don't like him much) that he will feel secure in his power when everyone in the country is on their knees begging for a handful of mealies (the local grain) and he is the only one who can provide it.

He has took over a country of 13 Million and has stated he only needs six million.

Sounds familiar, eh wot?

Now that the former "white-owned" farms are gone (or nearly so), the country trhat once fed itself and most of its neighboring countries is on the brink of starvation... along with its neighbors, also run by former communist rebels. Trained in the same false economic principles...
Oh, and it's really not just you... ;-)
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