Friday, October 07, 2005


always making up long words that precisely describe a given phenomenon. Here's a great example:
"There are a few more interesting German words such as 'handschuhschneeballwerfer', which means somebody, who wears gloves to throw snow balls. It is used in general for all cowards."

"handschuhschneeballwerfer" I need to figure out how to work that word into one of my next lectures!

Every boy who grows up near Buffalo understands exactly the sentiment expressed by this word. But the Germans get a handful of snow down the back of their shirt for such an unwieldy expression. I'll stick with the more common American epithet... 5 letters long... begins with a 'p'....
I have a Japanese word that I too often find relevant: "Sumimasen". It literally means “I wish I were dead” and comes in useful for those peculiarly Japanese moments in life.
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