Monday, January 30, 2006


I've been (and am likely to remain) exceptionally busy. Not that this blog's offerings have been missed much.

A couple of observations:

Books I'm reading:
--Freakonomics. A quick, easy, and enjoyable read (so far). Thought-provoking and provides useful evidence in my ever-present campaign against the racket that is run by real estate agents.
--1491. Interesting. Iconoclastic. Provocative. More to report once I finish it.

I almost find myself cheering for the Seattle Seahawks for the simple reason that everyone seems to be discounting the NFC as the weak sister conference. I actually like more AFC teams than NFC but the sheer dismissal of the NFC doesn't strike me as justified.

Are the 60 degree days we are enjoying of late a sign of global warming?

Welcome back!
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