Thursday, May 04, 2006


We report, you decide:

Reuters ("US ENVOY RULES OUT "FAVORS" FOR N.KOREA", 2006-05-03) reported that the US will not ease its crackdown on the DPRK’s illicit financial activities or offer bilateral talks to entice the DPRK back to nuclear talks, the US envoy to the talks said on Tuesday. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill said it is the DPRK that must end its six-month boycott of talks aimed at halting Pyongyang's nuclear arms programs and helping the state join the global community. "We are not prepared to try to just sit outside the six-party process and allow North Korea to boycott the process and look for favors in order to bring them back," said Hill.

Chosun Ilbo ("N.KOREA 'LOSING MILLIONS A WEEK FROM TALKS BOYCOTT'", 2006-05-03) reported that the US chief nuclear negotiator Christopher Hill says the DPRK is losing tens of millions of dollars each week by staying away from multilateral talks aimed at dismantling its nuclear weapons program. Hill used the figure to persuade the DPRK to come back to the dialogue table.

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